Stella & David
October 3, 2018
Gavin & Natalie
October 3, 2018


When Christine and I first decided to build a house in the Gawler area we were still living in Canberra. We travelled down to Gawler a couple of times to view and finally purchase land and immediately starting to look for a quality builder. Not being in the ‘local know’ we started by looking on line for Master Builders in the Gawler area. The name that kept coming up was Frank Nesci Homes. After a few initial phone calls we decided that it would be worth our while again journeying down to Gawler from Canberra to talk to Frank and his team. After all this was our retirement home and we were about to invest a large amount of money in it and we wanted it to be right.

From the first meeting with Frank and Alison we knew that these were the people who would be building our dream home. We were made to feel welcome and at ease from the start. Frank was keen to hear our wishes, ideas and dreams so that he could craft them into his initial designs for the house. He did not push us in any one direction, more guided us along with his suggestions and expert knowledge of regulations and engineering requirements whilst always keeping in mind our wishes.

Having finalised the design we signed contracts and in due course commenced the building process. Some builders will almost ‘close up shop’ once you have signed the contract and then charge exorbitant fees for making any changes. Not Nesci Homes. There were many relative small changes that we wanted to make as we progressed and Frank was more than happy to discuss these requirements and if possible make those changes at cost without the big penalty charges from other builders. This level of co-operation, flexibility interaction and dialogue is one of Nesci Homes major attributes.

Just before building commenced we were introduced to Jeremy Nesci, one of Frank’s sons, who acted as site manager throughout the project. The level of interaction with Jeremy was excellent throughout and his attention to detail left us in no doubt that we were going to get a house of outstanding quality. He kept us informed of progress at all times and was excellent in helping us make decisions on fittings for the house.

The final product speaks for itself, we have a house that has been built to the highest standards and is, as many of our friends have remarked, stunningly beautiful. So, if you are considering building and you want it to be an enjoyable stress free experience that will result in a real quality house, give Frank and his team a ring, you would be silly not to!

Chris Cornall