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October 14, 2014
Stella & David
October 3, 2018


Dear Frank, Jamie, Jeremy, Julie and Alicia,

I have just had my first Christmas in my new home…….thanks to all of you at Frank Nesci Homes!

Now that I have my annual leave I have some time to write to you all with my take on my experience with building with FNH.

From the very first meeting that I had with Frank in a display home in Gawler I felt completely comfortable and safe in FNH hands. Frank has a calm but knowledgeable way about him that made me feel quietly glad that I might be building with him. It is a big thing to build a home and especially for me as I was working full-time and was on my own and had no support from family here in Adelaide. (As you know, both of my sons live interstate.) I don’t think I told you this but recent years had been very difficult for me; an unpleasant divorce (after 37 years of marriage) that left me financially disadvantaged and with no home and then having to start all over again from scratch, my mother passing away after an illness, meeting someone else some months later who was diagnosed 2 years after that with terminal cancer and then dealing with his subsequent death – and no job (I left a very well-paid job to look after John) – these are some of the things I had had to cope with before I approached FNH. So, on leaving the meeting with Frank I felt reassured and confident that I would be making the right decision if I was to go ahead with FNH.

Then later I met with Jamie. Well, what a chip off the old block!!! Jamie had the same quiet, calm and reassuring manner about him that was obviously inherited from Frank! Once again I felt I had made the right decision.
Jamie was very good at communicating – which I believe is very important – at every stage from the very beginning of the whole process. I often hear stories from my customers where their builders simply did not communicate with them and where they then experienced difficulties and unnecessary worries and stress. So Jamie’s emails and phone calls (and meetings with him) actually facilitated the process and caused me to feel properly informed and involved in the whole process. And – he actually acted on what he promised and got things done! Looking back, I can see I have so much for which I can be thankful to Jamie!

And Jeremy…….well – he’s his own man!!! At first I didn’t know what to think! A completely different manner about him! (Even now I smile when writing this!) Jeremy tells it like it is – no beating about the bush with him. But – I like and understand that too!
His attention to detail is amazing and I know he is proud of his “product” ! Whatever question or issue there has been, even after handover, Jeremy has responded to it with patience (I think!) and honesty – and results! He has been exactly what every building supervisor should be – driving the building process with integrity and getting the required results, whatever the issues or obstacles might be! In fact, he has often surprised me with his timely responses and endless patience. (I don’t think I could have been like that!)
His supervision of the build has resulted in me getting the house I now have. (I had friends over some weeks ago and the husband who is a painter, looked closely at everything – hoping to find something to “pick on” – but could not find anything that was really an issue – much to his disappointment and surprise! So, now they know about Frank Nesci Homes!)

And Julie and Alicia – what an absolute pleasure they were! They were never abrupt or short but always great to talk to – “real” people! They were always so pleasant and helpful and always very efficient and obviously knew exactly what was required!
Every phone conversation with either Julie or Alicia was so “nice” – I can’t think of another word to describe it. Thanks girls – you’ve been great!

So, I just want to say (a very belated) thank you to you all. You have reaffirmed my decision to build with Frank Nesci Homes was the right one – and I am so glad I did!!!
I really and sincerely thank you all. Your professionalism, genuineness, integrity and pride in what you do is outstanding – and something of which you should all be very, very proud!!

I hope you had a happy and blessed Christmas with your families. And may I wish you all a very happy, safe and prosperous new year!

My very best regards