Gavin & Natalie
October 3, 2018
October 3, 2018

Laurence & Dorothy

My recent experience with a new house build has prompted me to put pen to paper.
With plans in hand and hope in my thoughts and heart I went in search of a Builder with my husband
Not knowing what was at the end of our trip from Ceduna to the Northern Suburbs area of Adelaide we
went in search of someone to build our house.
We were advised by our Architect to find a Custom Builder.
Our search took us to Gawler S.A.
A random conversation had us checking out the ‘new mob’ that had recently located their business to
We met a young man by the name of Jeremy Nesci who is a building supervisor for the FRANK NESCI
HOMES Building Company.
From day one Jeremy has taken both of us on an adventurous journey and throughout we experienced
nothing but honesty, integrity, and a professionalism with a healthy dose of friendliness tossed in.
No question was treated as insignificant and we came away each t ime we had a query feel ing relieved
and happy that the question was dealt with professionally and honestly.
We live 500 miles from the build and at no time were we worried or concerned that the job was not
being done exactly as we were told it would be done by Jeremy.
The day came when we were given the Keys to our new home.
The end result is overwhelming.
We are totally satisfied to see how all our choices came together.
We do not hesitate to recommend both Jeremy and Frank Nesci Homes to others for their building
Thank You Jeremy
From your very satisfied customers
Laurence & Dorothy Pittaway.