October 3, 2018
October 3, 2018

Stella & David

Right from the start, Frank and his team were friendly, professional and very helpful. I had sort of designed the home that I wanted to try and get on the block we purchased. We had a very small, tricky site to work with, although the block was large. The build site was slightly under half a tennis court and there was a concrete in-ground swimming pool right in the very middle of the block, so we could not go further that way, and a fully landscaped driveway leading into the garden. The area of the build was only 10m x 15m, surrounded on two sides by a beautiful hand built stone wall, about 3 foot high (the surround for the tennis court and so it was down from road height) and on the other side was the fence to next door. The pool was the fourth boundary. Due health issues a two story house was not an option, and I had drawn up roughly what I wanted to put there.
After looking at my drawing, Frank advised me that I could not get what I wanted on the site, in the way I had drawn it, as it would overlap the pool (I had forgotten to allow for the wall measurements) this obviously not an option, so with delicate shuffling, he managed to give me what I wanted, almost as I wanted it. We got three bedrooms of generous size, with large major bathroom, combined laundry bathroom and two separate toilets, lounge, dining and kitchen along the back, with a verandah and glass balustrade along it, so you could look through the large sliding double doors, and see the pool. in fact, it could be seen as soon as you entered the front door. With 2.7 ceilings, it gives the rooms a larger look.
The quality of the workmanship was excellent, and they managed to bring the building materials down through a small gap between two trees, with only minor disruption to the garden. The build came in on time, and within budget, and everyone was extremely helpful throughout the build. They managed to build my home in 20 weeks, which was great, and it is beautiful. We love it, and cannot thank them enough for doing a thoroughly professional and genuinely fabulous job.
We would recommend them to anyone as builders, they are very particular in what they do, and that is what you want in a builder of your future home. Everything promised was delivered as promised, so well done to all the Frank Nesci Team, I know I probably drove you all nuts, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Stella and David